Expert Engine Repair Services in Round Lake Beach, IL

Problems with your vehicle’s engine don’t take long to make themselves known. What may start as a rumble under the hood or a pesky “check engine” light on your dash can quickly become a major issue that prevents your vehicle from working. Pro Autoworks is here to make sure that your engine troubles are caught early and resolved completely.

gasketAs the local experts on engine repair in Round Lake Beach, IL, we take pride in being able to thoroughly assess and resolve troubles under the hood. From simple problems with belts and hoses, to more intricate problems that require disassembly or replacements, we do it all. Some of the more common work we perform includes:

  • Head gaskets
  • Timing belts
  • Water pumps
  • Oil pumps
  • Engine replacement
  • Valve jobs

Our shop comes equipped with everything needed to ensure we’re getting to the bottom of an engine issue and resolving it completely. Plus, our experts come backed by years of experience, enabling them to perform both major and minor engine repairs to an unparalleled degree of excellence.

Engine replacement

Pro Autoworks also specializes in complete engine replacement in Round Lake Beach, IL. If your engine has suffered catastrophic failure or has accumulated more miles than it can handle, we’re here to help you explore a replacement option. We can facilitate a complete engine replacement, ensuring your car has many more miles ahead of it on the road.

Get engine repairs

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Don’t wait for a small engine issue to become a costly problem. Instead, schedule an appointment with Pro Autoworks today to get the expert oversight you need to keep your engine running at peak performance. From minor maintenance to major repairs, to a full-blown engine replacement, we do it all. Contact us today by calling 847-740-1600 for more information or to schedule an appointment.